Kayla Godfellow

Name: kayla Godfellow

Gender: Female

District: 7

Apperance: Short wavy brown hair cut at an angle, light tan, steel gray eyes, 5'6-7, about 127 pounds, strong, attractive

Personality: Does not want to kill, but will if provoked. Can be a bit quiet when first introduced.

Family: Mother, Father, and beloved dog.

History:When she was 7 years old she wittiness the death of her brother when he was crushed by a falling tree. Ever since then she will randomly go into a raging frenzy if something upsets her greatly. Her Father, from District 11 but ran away to District 7, taught her parkour, and she now uses it as a way for harvesting lumber more efficiently.

Friends: (???)

Strengths: Being quiet. Good with axes, parkour, ect.

Weaknesses: Shy, quiet. Will go into a near unstoppible rage.

Weapon of choice: Axes.

Token and where he/she got it and why it is important to them: (???)

Reaping outfit:

Chariot outfit:

Interview outfit:

What do they do in their private showing with the gamemakers: (???)

What is their score: (???)

Interview angle: (???)

How do they talk: (???)

How do they interact with adults: (???)

Are they pro or against capital: Against.

How do they act at home: Tries to act strong so not to worry her parents.

How do they act at school: Quiet and tough.

How do they act with friends: Cheerful and sweet.

How do people who don't know them see them: A quiet loner.

Are they in any relationships: Yes, she likes her partner.

Are they open to alliances: Yes.

Are they open to relationships in arena: Yes.

Extras: (optional for you, but helps me write faster if you awnser this!)

Stylist : Mortia Ju.

Mentor: Joanna Mason.

Arena Ideas: Find a place to be quiet and unknown until the very end when there are few left. Hid in the trees, caves, ect.


  • Favorite color: Purple
  • Favorite food: Stew with bread for dipping.
  • Favorite fruit: Apples and/or strawberries.
  • Weapon of choice: Axe.
  • Birthday: December 16th