Revelynn Tinder

Age: 13

Appearance: Brown hair, pinetree green eyes, dark skin, a little taller than average, looks fragile but is really very strong

Skills: great with knives, throwing knives, spears/harpoons, hunting, tracking, amazing at snares, climbing, great runner. She is flexible and can do a backflip in mid-air.

Weakness: Doesn't really like water, or being out in the open -- she feels too vulnerable

Strategy: Get something close and run, find water and climb a tree

Personality: She is shy, but sweet and friendly; caring and trusting

History: She lives with her mother and older brother, Faust (19) and sister, Frost (15). She enjoys playing with her 3 friends in the woods of her District. Her closest friend is a girl named Ivory, who she met when she was 5. Ivory is teaching her how to throw a spear and she is working on it. She loves to sing when she can. For the reaping, she always braids her hair because she thinks it's a sign of good luck. She volunteerded for a 12-year-old. The night she got on the tribute train, she cried. But she is determined to win a Games.

Token: Carved wooden wolf on a leather necklace cord [1]