The richness of Capitol food...

After an hour, Kayla decided to go to the promised supper. "Face it," She thought, "Better to go out now, on time, then to have her come to my door to get me herself."

She made her way to the dining compartment and found a long table laident with food, some she'd never even seen in her life. She looked around the room. Lula sat and the end, (Even sitting, she looked she was ready to dart off...) there where a large about of servers, one at the ready to pull out her chair for her, but someone was missing.

"Where's John?" She asked to no one in particular.

"In his room." Lula replied. "Feeling a little ill. Might be out later."

As Kayla thought about it, she relised that he did look a little sickly this morning. But then again, everyone looked pale the day of the reaping. At the moment a server took the lid off of a steaming bowl of soup, Kayla relised how hungry she was. That's right..., She thought. I barley ate today. She sat down and helped herself to a few heaping bowlfulls of the stew. Usually she could eat five or six easy, but she was not used to the richness of capitol food. She had to stop after three bowls. By that time Kayla was starting to get worried about John.

"Exuse me, may I have a bowl of plain broth." With extra empisis on plain, as she did not want John to be even sicker than he was right now. He served her up a bowl and she started to walk away. As an after thought she grabed a large plate, which was more like a small platter, and filled it with anything mild in sight. Some wild brown rice, a small roll of bread, some warm milk with honey...

"Where are you going?" Lula asked just as Kayla opend the compartmen.

"Oh, just to my room. Thank you for the meal." Kayla responded.