Ustavva Tyrel is owned by Tsnuam135, he was the first tribute ever created. Picture will be uploaded soon, his counterpart, Leris Y'hul, will soon have a webpage.

Ustavva TyrelEdit

Name: Ustavva Tyrel

Birthplace: District 6. Richest part of the district.

Parents: Father: Tunito Tyrel Mother: Fionic Tyrel, Ling

Strategy: Head into the bloodbath, finding the closest resourced and run quickly away.

Weapon: Ustavva will use anything that can kill someone, preferably poisan darts that are shot from a large tube, similar to the one Maysilee Donner used in the 50th Hunger Games. Although, he will use anything. Quite advanced with the spear and mace.

Additional: Ustavva was born in the wealthiest part of the district. While leaving a dinner with his parent's friends, a assailant emerged from the shadows, penatrating each of them with a large serrated knife, killing them. The murderer was captured and shot on the spot. Ustavva was forced in the community home. He has been addicted to morphling ever since he saw the horrific event. His dearest friends help him steal some from the medication clinic a few buildings down. living their until he was reaped into the Hunger Games. His counterpart with forever be Leris Y'hul. Thanks for reading